Bruce's Millions?


    I'm after a film, which I THINK is called Bruce's Millions. (24 hours to spend $30M, and if he does he gets $300M?).

    Is it called Bruce's Millions, where can I get it from, or am I talking rubbish and no one has an idea what im going on about :whistling:


    It's Brewsters Millions. :thumbsup:

    Lol it's Brewster's Millions... Will check cheapest price for you


    no tis a good film something about getting the full money from his will

    Available from the ]hut and ]asda for £3.97 and ] for £3.99...



    Available from the hut and asda for £3.97 and for £3.99...:)

    dont forget quidco- i always do!

    The hut has the best quidco @ 5%, asda's is 3% & play is 2%... So The hut is probably your best bet I think there's a 5% voucher floating about too for spends of £15 or over... so if you decide to make your order up a bit more you can use that too

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    Righty ho. I thought it just might be soooo old that I couldnt find it.

    Now I know why I couldn't find it on any of the sites.

    Thanks v.much for your help
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