I have the option of (i think) a lifetime.....if anybody has been here, could you please give me as much info as possible for a british family going there. Many thanks.


    "In deference to the Muslim majority, alcohol is not sold in Brunei, but private consumption by non-Muslims is allowed. Non-Muslim tourists are allowed a generous duty-free allowance of 2 bottles of alcohol (wine, spirits, etc) and 12 cans of beer per entry, and may consume alcohol with sensible discretion in hotels and some restaurants."


    Sounds good LLM - although something tells me that you and Brunei won't get on that well. It's a very conservative place - you'd be locked up in no time! :lol:

    Brunei is ok,expensive and for a week so you will have plenty to do,it a bit reserved in certain places but as a westerner any mistakes you made will be forgiven easily,just remember you are not in Benidorm and respect the country and you will be fine.

    Best comparison would be to Qatar if you have been there.

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    Never been to Asia, its not for a holiday, its a move.


    best advice would be to check out ex-pat forums for info...

    also the relocation package you should get will make or break it,i.e does it include schools fees which are always expensive at schools for expats kids? ,you dont want to have to be spending a lot of your salary.

    does housing include cost of bills and suchlike,maid(normal for other countries etc etc),driver...most of these will sound like a luxury but tend to be essential for an expat family.

    I have relocated overseas several times in the last 15 years or so,drop me a PM if you have any questions

    In my experience most people either love it or are back home within 6 months

    They have wicked sultanas LLM


    Never been to Asia, its not for a holiday, its a move.

    I guessed that. Seriously though, if you have a choice I'd think long and hard about a move to that part of the world. I have several friends who regret taking well-paid teaching jobs in Brunei and the UAE. Seemed like a good idea to them at the time, but the common story I've heard is that the women found it most difficult to settle in. Might be different if it's a military-related job, as you'll be pretty much separated from the local community anyway.

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    Its all expenses paid, just questioning doing it?


    Its all expenses paid, just questioning doing it?

    nothing ventured...........was the best thing I ever did,and off again in a couple of months


    No sex on the beach :whistling:

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    Trying to find an ex pat website, can anybody help?

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