BSM instructor just passed me on his mobile whilst driving !!!

Found 25th Feb 2008
I am absolutely fuming. Whilst driving out of my road this afternoon, i was passed by a BSM driving instructor (on his way to pick up a pupil in our street) using his mobile phone. As i approached his car, i put my window down and put my hand out for him to stop - which he did as he pulled alongside me. "What's the matter?" he asked. I told him that he was using a moblie whilst driving and wasn't he supposed to be a good example? I couldn't beleive it when his explanation was that he wasn't calling - he was checking his voicemail and messages!!! To make matters worse, it was 4pm and he had just passed a green full of kids playing football. If the ball had rolled onto the road, he would have hit them for sure because he was looking down at his phone. Stupid blasted
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some people just dont know ny better.
report him to bsm.
you should inform his pupil...

you should inform his pupil...

Sadly the lady he was on his way to, only speaks a handful of English words, so i don't think i could find the words to tell her. Whether or not it will make a difference or not, i will be letting our community copper know as well as BSM:-(
Thats a disgrace! And we are supposed to take instructions and advice from these people!
I am taking lessons with BSM at the moment, and the first person they gave me was disgraceful! Nearly put me off driving completely! Whole lesson was one big mistake, including the following...

Got to the top of my road and stalled!

Didnt write anything in the track record book they are supposed to keep up to date each lesson

Kept telling me to turn right, where there was a car across the full length of the road, so I would of gone straight in to it. I was saying no because there was a car and he just kept repeating it!

Didnt even tell me to change the head rest, and he was a LOT taller than me, so it cant of been in the right place and if we had crashed (which we would of if I did what I was told) my head/neck wouldnt of been protected

I called BSM after my second lesson (with someone else) because it was only after a proper lesson that I realised how bad he really was. Complained to the manager of BSM, who got in touch with the centre manager, who called me and refunded me half of the lesson (it was 2 hour lesson and I got 1 hour back). They are going to be checking him out

They hardly get tested though, can be as little as every 4 years, and then its just a person sitting in the back of the car for a days worth of lessons
Oh, and the weekend before my first lesson, dad took me out in the car. I was driving straight and a BSM car was parked horizontally a little bit ahead to one side. They started going when I was nearly there and I had to slam on the brakes!

My first time in a car and I had to slam on the brakes because of a BSM car - didnt fill me with confidence before my first lesson!
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