BSOD on old pc, anyway to slow down to read error code?

    Rebuilt an old pc of mind for someone as I stay at their house some nights so its easier for me to go to uni and they had an ancient 10 year old pc.

    I replaced everything bar case, dvd drive and hard drive and got bsod's and windows gives me safe mode option but even that doesnt work it just loops back to the screen saying Windows failed to load.

    I tried 2 other drives with XP installation on and same issues, and 1 sata one with Vista which also bsod.

    I want to try and get error code so I can see what error it might be but the message is there under a second so i cant read it.


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    Yeah tried all that, the bsod occurs at exact same time on all 4 hard drives, though the bios works fine and windows setup works fine.

    And on Vista startup repair worked fine but very slow.

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    Got pc working by disabling UDMA, strangely though when I used to use this with a sata hd and a seperate IDE drive it worked fine, dont know what the issue is now.
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