BT 150 Baby Monitor


    After both a bit of advice and some helping direction of where to get the deal on the BT 150 baby monitor. I've been recommended it and from the reviews i have read it seems highly plausable as the one to buy. Does anyone know of anything in this price range that you would suggest over this or should i get this one pls?

    The cheapest i have found it is the BT site @ £60 and then 10% quidco so £54 delivered. Amazon are selling @ £59. Although it was once half price a few months ago, but with the baby 4 weeks away, I doubt I can risk it that long for a similar deal to come about.

    Help would be really appreciated.



    for my 2 i always bought tomy and they were very good. try having a look at as they are very cheap usually, they do a tomy one at the mo on sale for £30ish…054

    or if you want to go a little more expensive they do a vtech one which has 5 star rating…054

    We have this monitor and I can't recommend it enough - has won a ton of awards too, not that makes a huge difference really.

    £60 is a fair enough price, it used to be over £70 - especially as you can get it down by more using Quidco.

    i bought this for my baby (shes 16 days today!) havent had a chance to try it out but i got it from john lewis at the end so if it messed up i could return it or whatever as john leiws is a good comapny. paid the 60 or 70 quid
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