BT 18 month contract "get out clause" is there one ?? lol info below ...

    Ok my lass and me have moved in together but she still has her broadband (18 month contract) at her old dears !!
    She started the contract in June of last year!

    Is there any way she can get out of the contract, maybe a sob story might work lol


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    Nah, im afraid we have now got Sky (for everything) at the new flat


    unfortunatly unless you move it there is no way to get out of it without paying

    tell them you she is being kicked out from the property and need to find temporary accomodation - and that as and when she gets a new property she will look to coming back to BT - it may work ?

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    might work lol

    EDIT: ahhhh ok so it wont work

    BT have some policies that charge extra for buyout clauses.
    I would recommend speaking to an agent and asking if they could move it to the new house (therefore cancelling your one if it's in the rolling contract stages) and they might just charge her for installation.

    BT are very difficult with there procedures because they know it's mandatory to use them in phonelines etc, so they don't normally budge but ask what they suggest.

    If shes moving out of her mums can she not take over the account? When i moved out of my flat into my boyfriend my flat mate had it transferred into her name
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