Bt and Orange arrrgh great CS amd 118247 and 118118 what a day! lol

    With BT I went to pay my phone bill as it was due last week and I dont have a direct debit set up(their error actually as I did but they gave me a new account and phone number after an error closed the account)

    I couldnt make outgoing calls as it kept going to BT automated services.

    But every time I tried to put in my phone number first attempt went through as incorrect number, second told me "as I am not the account holder, please ring back after you get them to ring" or something then disconnected me.

    This happened about 10 times so I rang BT on 150 and this time got through that stage but when I went to pay it recognised my payment as 2p instead of £20 and told me I needed to pay £20, then after a few more attempts ringing back each time it asked for my card details then after I put them all in told me "sorry techincal difficulties" then disconnected me, after 3 attempts at that I phoned CS and spoke to an Indian woman who was polite but kept misunderstanding what I was saying thinking I meant I couldnt pay when I said there was a problem on the automated service.

    Then when I did pay as went to end call she told me "oh do you want to sign up to direct debit as you have been charged £4.50 for paying by card" I was shocked as she never told me before the call, and even after I paid she asked "is there anything else I can do" I said no thanks thats all, then she mentioned the charge telling me it saves me money!

    Then how it takes 24-48 hours for my line to be able to make calls again!


    Then came Orange I went to signup for PAYG dial up as my broadband was down and goes down often for hours at a time, but after being on hold 15 minutes was given another number which when I rang it was just a number for checking status of the network.

    So I ring back and am given a 0906 number and was told its 5p a minute to ring it, so I do and I get technical support for broadband and am told its 50p a minute!

    I then phoned 118118 for a local business number as I had no internet and it wasnt in phone book and woman told me the company I was looking for didnt exist. Waste of money

    SIgh so then I phoned 118247 from my mobile and was charged over £1 for a 30 second phone call and was shocked.

    What a day for phone calls lol


    What has ryouga learned?

    Pay the phonebill on time and use a direct debit!

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    What has ryouga learned?Pay the phonebill on time and use a direct debit!

    Lol it was so annoying they overcharged me on my last bill and disconnected me for non payment so instead of reconnecting me with same details and number they opened a new account and gave me a new number but same line but didnt change my details across as promised.

    Also need to moan at them as I had free evening and weekend calls before but found out from bill now that im paying full price for calls as they arent free so need to moan at them lol

    The moral of this story is "never stand next to ryouga in a thunderstorm" :thumbsup:
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