BT and PPG difference?

Found 4th Apr 2010
im just wondering why some people dont accept BT? Is there something im missing? its free and every transfer ive done has turned up in the sellers account immediatley.

Just curious really incase ive missed something?

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maybe some people prefer the anonymity of paypal?
People get paranoid about ID theft, no more info than there is on a cheque or everytime you hand your debit card over.

Bt is better for a seller I'd say, much quicker and easier.
I would guess that some people feel uncomfortable giving out their bank account details to strangers maybe?
I understand people might worry about giving details out but theres nothing you can do with the details apart from put money in there account.
Probably more chance of there payapl account being hacked.

was just curious anyway
with bt you have to give bank details, with ppg you only need give an email address.
which would you rather part with?
because paypal has a good set of marketing executives
I think some people find it a little daunting, perhaps because they find anything that involves handing over bank details to be a little risky. I reckon they also think it's a bit more of a complicated procedure than it actually is too. The first one I ever sent took three days to reach their account (according to them, anyway) so I was a bit put off by it at first- but nowadays I tend to prefer BTs to PPG. It's down to each person's discretion at the end of the day, but it's obviously a bit annoying sometimes if a buyer/seller refuses to work with your preferred method!!
I'm sure it's just the unease felt when telling a complete stranger your bank account number.
I agree that it's because people are wary to give out bank details when PPG is so easy anyway.

People only need a sort code and account number to set up a direct debit also :thumbsup:
I always feel uneasy when you get noob seller demanding only BT.( they say no paypal) But when you ask they to post first due to lack of feedback they tell you that they ebay joebloggs2010 and have 2zillion positive feedback. Welll duh if they ebay they hafta have paypal ID.
You then get various excuses why they dont wont to use paypal

Why lie in the first place?
I prefer BT, although sometimes it takes silly amount of days. I have had nothing but trouble with paypal. After being a customer for 5 years, no probs, no disputes, verified etc they froze my account with ££ in wanted loads of documents, all with way too many personal details on for my liking. BT is simple and the same details that is on a cheque.

Although I do worry sometimes if the bank will flag up money being sent and received that way often. In my case it does as I now only use BT as a method.
Not bothered about giving out my bank details really. Not exactly like someone can do a lot with an account number and a sort code.

I'd be more worried about giving a stranger your address than anything but it can't be helped!
BT is quicker in most cases, also PP is open to abuse even though the "gift" option has less comeback....

I always use BT as it's down to me and my bank at the end of the day. No intermediate...........
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