BT annoy me - but offer a wonderful customer chat service for venting your anger....

Found 27th Jul 2009

Chat Information

We are now routing you to one of our chat team...

Chat Information

You are now connected with Amanda

Amanda: Hi, my name is Amanda. How may I assist you today?

ron: hi - i have moved into a new flat - and was wondering what is entailed in getting a phone

ron: there is a line already in the flat - and i want to see who is the cheapest provider

Amanda: Hi, my name is Amanda. How may I assist you today?

Amanda: If your property has a BT line we can reconnect easily, there is usually no cost. This is of course checked for you once you've ordered and if there is a cost we'll contact you before we process your order.

ron: do you not have an offer on presently for free connections?

Amanda: To receive the Free Reconnection Offer all you need to do is place your order online for the package you want. A BT Advisor will call you within 72 hours after your order to confirm a charge if applicable and all you need to do is state the 'Free Reconnection Offer'.

Amanda: Would you like the link to the order form?

ron: I would also like to know how long the minimum I need to stay with BT is?

ron: But your link would also b helpful - as I guess there will be info there too

Amanda: Click here to order a new BT line or reconnect an existing line.

ron: thanks - and the minimum contract length?

Amanda: Normally 12 months, but probably 18 months with the promotion.

ron: Looking at your Unlimited Weekend Plan there is no minimum listed - its only the plans with more inclusive calls - is this available in KA29?

Amanda: The Weekend plan is a 12 months contract without automatic renewal

Amanda: please put your contact number (e.g. mobile) on the order form

ron: is there anything less than that on other packages? as I am leaving to work abroad after Christmas

Amanda: unfortunately not, but you can cancel the service at that time.

ron: what would that cost though?

Amanda: £7.50 x the remainder of the contract

ron: Also - the page for reconnecting the line mentions nothing of the minimum contract length on the package with only weekend calls - but mentions them on both the others


ron: beneath the orange circle

Amanda: It is a 12 month minimum contract unless you are an existing customer.

ron: but it says to reconnect or start a new line?

ron: i was wondering as I had read the minimum contract length was actually three months - but BT were trying not mention this?

ron: Have you any idea what this 3 month minimum package is?

Amanda: I am not aware of a 3 month package

ron: Given I will be leaving after Christmas - its the best one for me obviously

ron: is there anyone else I can contact to get the details?

Amanda: Why not order your phone line now and when BT contact you, then you can make this request. The survey is free of charge and you can cancel the order if you do not wish to proceed at that stage.

ron: Is that not a bit pointless arranging all that when they told me on the phone yesterday my line could be reconnected free - but they only knew about the three "unlimited plans" as that was what was the priority to sell just now?

ron: The had suggested I try the site instead - but what I need is details of the shorter contract - as its silly paying for something I cannot use.

Amanda: It is likely that this was the weekend plan

ron: did you not say that was the 12 month minimum one?

Amanda: and that if you cancelled after 3 months, that maybe the cancellation charge maybe reduced/waived

ron: Yes - look - I have cpied it for you...

COPIEDron: beneath the orange circle Amanda: It is a 12 month minimum contract unless you are an existing customer.

Amanda: yes that is correct.

Amanda: There is no 3 month plan

ron: so is there a 3 month and 12 month option on the same contract?

ron: sorry - we typed at the same time there

Amanda: I am saying that there may be some discretion with the weekend plan

ron: but how would I know if they would waive or reduce it - what you said is a little vague

Amanda: It is vague, because I am suggesting that Customer Service may be able to use some discretion.

ron: I think I would be better trying calling again to see if someone else knows about the three months contract - as it all seems a little vague entering into an agreement when its terms are variable upon someone's discretion months later - can you see what I mean?

ron: Do you know another number I could call? - it was 0800 800 150 who put me through last time

Amanda: I am not suggesting that at all

ron: Don't you know another number?

ron: Surely there is one you could suggest?

Amanda: I said that the survey was free of charge and when you complete the order,a BT agent will contact and at that point you can query your 3 month termination charges.

Amanda: But if you wish to contact Customers Services, you can contact them on 0800 800150

Amanda: Customer services is open Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturday 8am to 8pm and Sunday 9am to 6pm.

ron: Yes - but that is uncertain - and there is no way I would know what would happen later on. - So it would be like buying a pig in a poke

ron: From BTs customer serivices - I entirely feel they are working to pass custom to BTs competitors sometimes - can you see why?

Amanda: BT will contact you within the next 48 hours

Amanda: As you can see from the website the 'Free' Connection offer is not readily available

ron: but they don't know my number

Amanda: Please put your contact number (e.g. mobile) on the order form.

ron: as I have no phone - that was why I have been asking

ron: I never noticed why the free connection offer was not readily available - why is it offered then?

ron: is it like the three month contract that seems not readily available too?

Amanda: Exactly my point.

ron: so BT advertises some things as free - but they are basically difficult to get - and makes other things that should be available- difficult to find out about so they get an extra £7 a month?

ron: that seems quite sneaky

Amanda: No, that is not correct.

Amanda: Some offers are available to certain 'targetted' markets

ron: but it was "exactly your point" only a few lines ago?

ron: So what markets are'targetted'?

Amanda: that it is not always easy to find the various promotions due to the fact that certain markets may have different criteria to others.

ron: Its hardly surprising BT are losing so much money and firing so many staff if they are only 'targetting' some potential customers?

ron: Should they not make it easier for people to discover things?

Amanda: Thats our job !!

ron: To make things difficult to find?

ron: I am amazed you said that

Amanda: no, the opposite !!

ron: Have you been drinking?

ron: Could you recommend any other telephone companies?

Amanda: Sorry, why do you think that !!

ron: With this level of customer service - I really think I would be better using two tin cans and some string!

Amanda: You have obviously misunderstood what I am saying

Amanda: We are here to 'assist' customers through the website and online forms.

ron: How much do you charge for your two cans and some string service - and what is its minimum contact?

Amanda: I'm not sure if you are trying to insult me or BT

Amanda: All I will say is don't shoot the messenger !!

ron: I dont know you - but BT sent me loads of spam today - and I had to take it out on someone!

ron: ;-)

Amanda: I guess, I'm the unlucky one !!

ron: Sorry!

ron: :-)

Amanda: Thank you

ron: less lucky - I will post in on a consumer forum for a laugh - would you like me to change your name first?

Amanda: Imagine the number of 'similar' queries we get on a daily basis

Amanda: Thanks !!

ron: Well - you work for them - and you must know what they are like

Amanda: We are here to provide a service by trying to 'guide' customers through the website.

Amanda: We do the best we can !!

ron: ok - thanks for that - but using your website in the past has got me stuck being spammed - and I cannot get BT to stop - so I decided to come on here and vent it. So you are right - you effectively are the messenger - but its hardly surpising they are losing so much as they have turned so many people against them

ron: on that note I better go - I have a post to make to a forum - l-)

ron: ;-)

ron: ;-)

ron: I will change your name to Amanda - OK?

ron: goodnight

Amanda: Thank you for chatting with me today. BT values your feedback. Please click the "Close" button at top right to answer a few questions about your experience with us today.

Amanda: Good night

ron: :-)

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I'm half drunk, I read the first 10 lines but cba to go any further, can you recap? thanks.


Ron: I put on my wizards cloak and hat.........



"have you been drinking?"


Amanda showed considerable constraint. No wonder CS staff cut people off.

Trolling forums is one thing, but in the real world and without an audience?

Wow. Strong life choice.

I can't believe I read all of that.:oops:

It really was very pointless and I was waiting for something very funny to was quite a let down to be honest.

Maybe you should watch some pranks on youtube to see how it's really done.

P.S I feel sorry for Amanda (or whatever her real name is) for having to go through that long conversation for nothing...I know I do after reading it. :roll:

If you like, I could set this to music and then you could upload it to Youtube. That kind of advertising seems all the rage these days!

I read the first 2 lines then decided I have better things to do with my life....


Original Poster


Amanda showed considerable constraint. No wonder CS staff cut people off.

I have never been cut off by CS staff - but then again - I have never been banned from an internet forum either. Perhaps the difference is keeping it acceptable, and only pushing the limits a little at a time.


Trolling forums is one thing, but in the real world and without an … Trolling forums is one thing, but in the real world and without an audience?

Yes, but they ended your ban to let you troll again.


Wow. Strong life choice.

18189posts by guv22.37posts per day by guv

Stronger life choice.

When were you last outside? :-D :-D :-D
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