BT Basic Line Rental- Contract?

    I recently moved house and signed up with BT for basic line rental and paid for any calls I made (very few as I have a mobile contract to use) and then I swapped to TalkTalk after being with BT for about 2 months. I made the point of asking there was no contract otherwise I wouldn't have signed up for it.
    Anyway, I had a bill from BT with a £70 or £75 not sure disconnection fee for breaking a contract which I hadn't agreed to and wasn't aware of having.
    Can anyone tell me if it's a contract for basic £10.50 a mont line rental?


    lol do what i did, don't question the right of the invoice but point out that they are sending it to the wrong person, as the experts talktalk should have known this and warned you, they should pay the bill especially if bt cant prove you agreed to it

    If you ring the BT call center and tell them that you was never aware of the contract and that the advisor did not make you aware of it when you signed up, they will give you an address to wright to and then they will listen to the call and verify weather or not this was the case, if they cant find the conversation recording they will automatically give you the benefit of the dought and refund you.

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    Thank you for both of your comments. I'm currently writing a letter to them so will post it off and a-wait the response.

    If anyone can find out anywhere that the basic line rental is a contract, please can you let me know!!

    Sam xx

    it states it in their terms and conditions - minimum term is 12 months - you agreed to this when you accepted the contract for a phone line

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    Just found this website, after finding my original bill, it's really water damaged so can't even see the T&C's, but it says I'm on BT Together option 1-…lan

    Unlimited Weekend Plan (formally BT Together Option 1)

    The Unlimited Weekend Plan is available to eligible residential customers making at least one chargeable call per month, with no minimum term. Exclusions and conditions apply. Please note, a minimum term of 12 months applies to line rental for new customers signing up to this calling plan. Exclusions and conditions apply.

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    What date was that started from? As on my bill it says BT together option 1, and now it's called Unlimited Weekend Plan.

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    Also, BT Together option 1 it states £10.50 line rental, but I paid £11 a month.

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    Any help please?!


    bt minimum contract is 12 months as already said, not sure what else your looking for

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    I was hoping that someone had some other suggestions. I'm 20, it's my first house, I certainly wasn't aware of a contract and specifically stated on the phone to the woman that I didn't want a contract just a basic line so I could get a number.

    I also added a link on my earlier post where it stated the contract was 1 month long, I've emailed and asked if it's a typo, just waiting for the reply.


    did you apply beofre the 3rd feb, maybe thats when it was updated to a one month contract, can you not cancel with talk talk?

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    Yeah it was November/December 2007, I hadn't thought of that. If they reply stating it's not a typo, I'll ask them if and when it started,
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