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Found 16th Jan
Hi thinking of joining Bt for fibre but not sure on the current offers as they tend to go up and down, is it worth buying it now?

and also just want people to confirm if they can get Quidco cash back and the MasterCard from Bt at the same time thanks!
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Their offers seem to be pretty consistent, if they offer a lower monthly cost, the MasterCard balance and quidco shrink accordingly. I received the card and quidco.

Having said that, I just switched from infinity to Sky Fibre max as it was nearly £15 a month cheaper, but I found the sky router awful and the broadband sync speed was 16mbps slower, so I'm back with BT!
As above
Prices stay around the same , I think they may lower slightly as the roll out ultrafast broadband
I pay £34.49 for infinity 2 with a new hub 6
I am in my 2nd year and pay BT £29 for 76mb fibre to the home ( seperate line ) and weekend calls.
I’ve gone for 300mps package £60 a month waiting for the install and switch over from talk talk 17mb standard broadband. £125 MasterCard and £80 TopCashback so not bad
That's good with sky ATM and speed is shocking, the minimum I am guaranteed is 5mb which is decent enough as don't really use much but lately I've stated streaming more and gaming more but 70% it isn't even 1mb which is appalling, only got 1 month left on contract and can't wait to leave, sky won't even give a decent offer to switch to bt. If you switch do fibre does an engineer come and change some wires or do they use the existing ones?

Thanks for commenting
FTTC which covers Infinity 1 and 2 don't require an engineer, plug the hub and the engineer does the rest but externally so no need to wait in.
FTTP/H which covers Infinity 3 and 4 (although 1 and 2 are possible) do require an engineer visit.
Ultrafast 1 and 2 (G.fast and also FTTP/H) require an engineer as they will optimize the connection, if needed the master socket will be moved to give the best possible connection and for free.

You'll see if an engineer is needed during the order journey but a simple switch shouldn't need one.
Cheers for the help guys, my uncle is on Bt and his speed is bloody amazing 54mbs. Do BT do referrals if he refers me for example would I get it cheaper or not?
No refer a friend for broadband, only mobile.
Ok cheers bought it anyway thanks for your help guys
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