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Found 2nd Sep 2007
Ok, here is the issue:

my dads work uses BT Broadband and we have about 5 PC's connected to it. The strain is obviously too much because the internet goes off etc.

So my dad has said i could pay for BT Broadband on the other line, so it doesn't affect his work line.

So basically, i'm looking for the cheapest BT Broadband deal. I don't want phone calls etc. Just broadband plain and simple.

If anyone knows any good deals let me know

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in fact, i wonder if a Wireless router would stop my internet turning off?

By turning off, i mean my internet comes to a standstill and i have to turn the router and wireless off by the plug socket annd turn it back on to get my internet back.

if a wireless router would fix it, what's the cheapest router?
I'm on Sky Broadband with there FREE Netgear DG934GT Router they gave us. Occassionally my Internet goes of but only like once every few weeks all I simply do is turn the router off through the mains and turn it back on. Is that what yours is like?
thanks for the advice guys, gonna check out what's going on, but i've been told having a modem and wireless box separately is the 'old way of doing things' and that i'd be better off with a modem and wireless router in one.

My internet turns off several times a day which is so annoying i cannot tell you. I could be sending photos to friends and family on MSN and my internet will turn off, or i could be on my PS3 and it'll turn off. I could be downloading a file and my internet goes off. As you can imagine, it's a pain in the butt.

Thanks for the replies so far.
Id also make sure your issue isnt related to heavy downloading between 6pm and midnight as your speed will get throttled back if you are doing that on BT Broadband Option1 , then you will start getting letters about mis-use of the fair usage policy so with that volume of PC's on it you really should be on Option 2 or 3 which offers unlimited download, although i wouldnt recommend the use of BT consumer broadband for business purposes and id look to migrate over to BT Business Broadband

thanks Jase.2

That probably is the problem , i do download alot. So you're saying it might be best to have a broadband for my dads work, and i pay for a separate broadband for me?
Depending on what your dad is using it for business wise and how much he downloads it may be wise to switch to BT Business which can be done without loss or service or being held to term by consumer if your in contract.

What option of BT Broadband are you on?

As the other guys have suggested id also uninstall the hub, im assume its the BT Hub you have, and re-install it and see if it makes any difference
Sounds like the router is just unreliable. Which router are you using?
it's BT Buisness we're on.

The modem is a Linksys one and the wireless is Belkin.
It must be an old router then if it came with the BB as thats not the model BT Business provide and hasnt been for years.

Unless of course you have bought it yourself?

If its old might be worth checking which BB package your on and seeing if u can resign as you get a discount and a new wireless router for signing into a new contract
Don't know if they run in your area but we get flyers through for Virgin broadband - internet only package £10 pm. Sorry don't know the finer details but might be cheaper than trying to share too many pc's on the one line.
We share our max speed with 3 neighbours from the one junction box in the street - if we are all online at once it's a nightmare - We're supposed to get bog standard 8MB but are lucky if we get 2MB
If your dad is mainly using it for personal, and has a home office, ir does a bit of work for home, then would doubt he needs business broadband

if you are an existing broadband customer out of contract and want to switch away, they may well offer you a deal on bt total broadband option 3 (eg a few months free on a new contract) and you would get a home hub thrown in

by the way - wireless routers when they get old can play up like that, have had it happen with them in the past.... you may wish to consider whether any firmware updates are available for your router and whether it would help

one thing that can happen with routers is that the power supplies over time stop delivering the necessary voltage or current (not sure which) - I had this problem

maybe a £10 replacement power supply from Maplin (get the right spec though, take the old one with you) may solve your problems, it may just be the power supply on its way out - I found the router function degraded over time and then stopped, and it seemed all down to the power supply in that case

tiscali seem to be doing an interesting deal at the moment: free line rental and a free call package (off peak presumably) with broadband... but personally I hated their customer service in the past on old dial up internet access so wouldnt personally use them again

good luck whatever you try
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