Bt Broadband and wireless connection help plz.

    My friend is getting Bt Broadband as it works out the best option for her to get in the area she is in.

    Well she currently has a belkin router, with the belkin wireless sticks from her old broadband connection questions i have is...

    1) Can you use her belkin wireless sticks to pick up the wireless signal from her BT Homehub?

    2) Can she carry on using her belkin router and not the BT homehub if she prefers?

    Thanks in advance.


    1) Yes - although you will need to change the mode the APs operate in

    2) Yes

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the answers, will leave you some rep

    She'll need to chnage the username and password in the belkin router too, BT broadband authenticates against the telephone number so you can use abc( or simlilar and anything for the password the bit in brackets being the important bit

    I'm with BT and bought a Belkin Wireless setup with dongle from Maplins .....good it was too. Then I upped to option 3 and BT sent a wi-fi homehub . You get them with option 1 nowadays .But , the Belkin was fine with a good strong signal . I sold it on to a mate .
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