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    We have just signed up for BT Broadband and have just received our activation letter. They have given us a different email address to that which was requested. OH spent ages on the phone to a lady in India who said he could go into his account and change the email address as soon as the account was activated. Can anyone confirm if this is correct?


    Don't know about changing the primary address but you can certainly add sub accounts providing the email address isn't already being used


    I think that you can change the email address you use to sign in, but that's not the same as amending your registration email address which is connected to your account & accessing secure areas etc. Two different things I think (I have BT Broadband)

    Changing your login email :…787

    Information on your registration email address :…tml

    If you had requested a specific email address for account registration it may not have been available. You can make additional email addresses (if they are available) but that initial one will still be assigned to you I think.

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    Thanks for the replies the OH is out at the moment but will check into what you have suggested

    I am with BT and don't use the email address that I was given. As mentioned above, just go to the BTYahoo site and create a subaccount. It will have exactly the same password as the 1st. account.
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