BT broadband keeps hanging

Found 28th Jan
Had BT broadband installed (after they made a right mess up), now it’s installed it keeps crashing and hanging when browsing the internet. No obvious pattern but when browsing over an hour long period probably ends up hanging 12+ times. Where you either have to restart the browser or disconnect WiFi. Is there a log or anything within the hub that will show the nature of these crashes so I can present it to BT, rather than going through their shocking call centre scripts.

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Should be able to access router settings using
And there should be a log in there.
We had awful problems when we joined BT (after umpteen years fine with Plusnet), their call centres are abysmal, could hardly understand the staff on the other end of the phone ... Turned out it was our home phones that were causing the problems which sound similar to the ones you're having ... replaced the phones and everything was ticketyboo ...
BailOut16 m ago

Should be able to access router settings using there should …Should be able to access router settings using there should be a log in there.
They do have a customer service team based near Doncaster. I've dealt with them before. I dealt with a Tina wakelin on 01977 598119 but that was about a year ago.
Maybe worth powering it off and leaving
for a few mins and then powering up and leave for 10 mins. Repeat that a few times incase there are any firmware updates for the router.
Internet issue or PC issue ...?

Have you run Speedtest using BT wholesale speed test?

Does it also do this hard wired?

Do you have WiFi bands synced?

If it’s a router issue it could just be something simple like a channel issue, which bands are currently in use, have you tried changing them?
Sounds like a goosed router
Be nice to see how this resolved ?
What band are you connecting your wi-fi to ? 5GHz is great for speed but 2.4GHz has a much better range and works better for my devices.
Try splitting them, see how to Here
Also I'd advise disabling smart setup, it's annoying when using wi-fi, again see how to Here
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