My broadband deal was coming close to the end of its contract with BT, on option 1. I was paying a discounted rate of £14.99 per month as they knocked £3 per month off last time round.

    Anyway I was considering moving to talk talk but after looking at mixed reviews I thought id give BT another chance to see what they had to offer, as especially in the 4 years i have been with them ive never had any problems with the service, and consistently getting around 6.2 mb speed.

    Anyway the advisor who i spoke to said if i signed up for another 12 months he would knock the price down to £9.99 per month and chuck in a free bt hub and phone for free.

    You also get free 5gb storage, option of free bt vision with subscription service.

    Note BT are also increasing the usage limits from july 1st.
    Option 1 is going from 5gb to 10gb usage.

    At £9.99 per month im not complaining.


    I'm with BT too and very happy with them

    Been with BT 18 months just uppping option 1 download s to 10GB in July .. No problems good connection speeds can complain.:)

    Original Poster

    yes im happy with it, didnt think they would offer me such a good deal, over 6mb broadband for less than a tenner a month.
    very happy wit the free black limited edition hub too including free phone, i didnt even ask the advisor just said he would give me these for free, delivered within 5 days too.
    talk talk has too many mixed reviews for my liking.
    well done to bt, excellent customer service which is probably y they are the market leader in broadband in the uk.

    woth adding i wasnt speaking to someone in an indian call centre either!

    I got the same deal as OP but they also threw in free BT vision too
    They must be really trying to keep existing customers...
    Cant wait to see the offer next year :thumbsup:
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