BT Broadband renewal - honour deal offered?

    12 month contract.
    £29.90p.m. including Line Rental for BT Infinity 2.
    Free/3mths then £5/mth - BT Sport Pack/BT Sport HD Pack

    I was offered this deal on BT's Live Chat (3 hours thrashing it out). It was all double checked and agreed by myself, then at last minute I asked about paying the 12mth 10% Line Rental Saver upfront. Lady said I would need to speak to the Customer Options (/Consumer Options/Retentions) Team and they would do that and be able to arrange the full agreed deal too.

    On ringing them, speaking to an advisor and also the Manager, I was told there was no such deal whatsoever (lady told me the absolute best she could see that she could offer would be around £44p.m. for Infinity 2/Line Rental then the BT Sport/HD was on top of that) and the person who I chatted to had no authority to do so (I think it was the billing team I chatted to earlier online). Was told that I need to go back onto the Online Chat and speak to that same 'team' again and it's up to them to honour that deal.

    Cue speaking to online chat (billing team again) and all they say is they can't do offers and speak to Customer Options again.....

    So do they have to honour what was offered by the 'wrong team' or do I have to suck it up? (I'm guessing the latter) - sure I've read people getting much better than around £44p.m. plus full BT Sport/HD prices on a 24m contract!!


    Have you got any written evidence of this offer?

    Original Poster

    Yes, copied the transcript. Told the woman in the Customer Options Team (Retentions) who asked me to email it there and then which I did. She also spoke to the person (via their internal live chat I think) who confirmed it all. That was when she said I'd have to go back onto their Live Chat (billing!) team and get them to honour it - which they won't - "You can talk to me all night but it won't make a difference" / "you're wasting your time". lol.
    Wonder what would've happened if we'd just done it there and then and I didn't bother ringing for the Line Rental Saver - would I have suddenly got a bigger monthly bill.......

    I feel a bit awful because they said she'll be dealt with and action against her which I obviously don't want, however, I got offered a deal and tried to get it honoured.

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    bt are **** at attempting to keep customers, I've just move to new provider after numerous experiences like the op.

    I had a nightmare renewing last month tbh. No real effort to keep me, best offer was £12p/m for Infinity 1, £19 line rental, £4 for BT sport, and £5 for HD (free for 3 months) - but wanted me to pay for the new SmartHub so I left it (new customers get this for free).

    Then sent me a letter offering a free new SmartHub if I renewed. The offer was based on my price plan as at Aug 2016 (stated this on the back of the letter). Phoned up and was told I could only get that if I paid full price, disputed this especially as the BB renewal cost I was offered was £12 rather than the £10 I was paying in Aug 2016 (so actually higher). Had to raise a complaint and got it all sorted. The complaints manager seemed perplexed as to why they didn't just process is for me in the first place.

    A lot of jumping through hoops tbh. Only reasons I stayed with BT was the increased 52mb over 38mb elsewhere (55mb is about the max on my line), cheap BT sport (making it more costly to go elsewhere) and the fact the connection has been pretty solid since I got it, with no throttling or dropouts.
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