BT Broadband, selling one speed but not the same when you 'View Package'?

Found 30th Jul

I signed up to BT a couple of months ago and had the dubious pleasure of being told my charges were going to increase (literally 6 weeks or so after signing up).

I called and spoke to a guy at BT, long story short I'm on the same package.

I received an email confirming this (extract of email shown below):

Broadband - Superfast Fibre Unlimited Your broadband will start by midnight on: 04 Jul 2018

How fast will it be?We estimate your download speed will be between 54Mbps and 55Mbps, and your upload speed will be between 9Mbps and 10Mbps.

The minimum guaranteed speed you can expect from your broadband will be 50Mbps.

I just logged into my BT account and clicked 'View Package' and it's showing:

Superfast Fibre Unlimited

  • Unlimited usage
  • Average 36Mb download speed

I've run several speed tests and while I had been getting about 52Mb in the past I'm now only getting 40Mb (or thereabouts).

Anyone else seeing this? Anyone else even checked as I have only just noticed it and have had 2 disconnected livechats now... Isn't this mis-selling by BT?
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UPDATE: Just managed to speak to someone and the 'View Package' link is broken and taking me to wrong info.

Looks like there is an issue on my line so am closing this discussion now...
Unfortunately the demand and regulatory requirements lately have been for an 'average' speed in broadband advertising, despite the fact that what others are getting has almost no bearing on what you get. It does make it very hard to tell what package you're signing up to and whether there are any speed caps.

I don't know what the conversion you had with them was about but based on the bit of the confirmation e-mail you quoted it does sound like you were reasonably expecting to be on a package with a 55Mbps or higher speed cap. Although are you sure there's nothing that says that estimate is subject to your choice of package?
Average is nationally, estimated is to your home address.

We estimate your download speed will be between 54Mbps and 55Mbps
Where Average 36Mb download speed is due to speed variations between the cabinet and the end user, some customers get less which brings the average down.
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