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Found 24th Apr
Deal: Unlimited Fibre Broadband+Calls Unlimited Anytime, Line, Caller Display

Currently paying BT £44/m and they unwilling to go lower than £38/m for new x18 months contract. Yet new BT customers can get equivalent £33/m x18 months (with £115 TopCashback and £120 BT Reward Card).

Moving to Plusnet a similar deal will be equivalent £29/m x12 months, and Vodafone equivalent £28/m x18 months (with £50 Amazon Gift Card).

So its a no-brainer and have to move to Plusnet (Vodafone messed me about with their mobile deals before)

Anyone ever had BT do better retention deals before?
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I moved from BT to Plusnet, the worst mistake ever. It's the worst internet I've had since dial up.
But everyone says Plusnet is BT. I really don't want to go to Vodafone after experiencing their customer disservice on my mobile deal. Got to carry on searching then.
I usually sign up to plusnet, wait for the confirmation then call BT back and always get a good deal. I get 72mb for £25.99
Whichever provider you pick people will have horror stories about them . Personally I would never touch talk talk again, but that's just my experience and others will be perfectly happy with them . I swapped to BT a couple of years back and the difference in line stability , speed etc is worth me paying for . Yes after that first year I could have swapped to plus net and it would be cheaper , but I value the fact everything is working well at the moment , so I'd rather pay the extra . With all the cashback I got for swapping to them in the first place, I worked out I could stay with them for three years before I started paying more overall per year than I had done previously .

If you you just want to save money then give it a go , but I would say do it at a time when the connection isn't too important to you ( my daughter is at Uni but lives at home and needs fairly constant internet for coursework, exam revision etc , which is why at the moment I'm happy to pay more for a service that I know works.)
Want to stay with BT but my renewal cost is way too high.

Some past suggestions from HUKD users have been:

1. Move to Vodafone Broadband, cancel free within 30 days, then move back to BT as a "New Customer".

2. Cancel current BT service and get wife/partner to sign up as a "New Customer". Will not retain current BT phone number.

3. Sign up to Plusnet, wait for confirmation notice, then call BT back to haggle a better retention deal.

Any other ideas?
hotr8736 m ago

Want to stay with BT but my renewal cost is way too high.Some past …Want to stay with BT but my renewal cost is way too high.Some past suggestions from HUKD users have been:1. Move to Vodafone Broadband, cancel free within 30 days, then move back to BT as a "New Customer".

That was my suggestion on the most recent Vodafone thread. Although not intended as a course of action originally, it's what I ended up doing as Vodafone's "support" is incompetent at best & downright dishonest at worst. But BT are only marginally better.

I had a short stint with Plusnet a while back & had no complaints other than at the time, they were capping upload speed on the 38mbps service. Customer service was the best of the cheapies I've experienced & as it's a BT company, you should get the exact same connection speed. I believe they've now dropped the upload cap so I would have no hesitation in going back to them.

When I originally signed up to Vodafone is was on the back of BT's price increase in January. At that point I was still in "profit" from cashback & rewards, so was expecting a call from them to attempt to get me to stay. None materialised.
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Quite expensive, I get that plus I'm infinity 2 and the uhd TV package for 50 dead.
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