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    I have just contacted BT as I would like to go back to them from my current provider. The female I spoke to said it would cost me a few pence less than £125 as I have a dead BT line and an engineer will have to go to the exchange.

    Has anyone else had to pay this or any tips on how to get this wavered as the female wasn't budging tonight...


    Think theres something called return to donor or something.

    Saw it on the ThinkBroadband website someone mentioned it.

    Whos your current provider?
    Do you have a BT line ?
    The only reason why you are getting charged its because of the wiring in YOUR house (internal wiring) if its outside (external) BT should not charge.

    The only thing you can do is agree to pay then ring up saying I didn't agree and it will be weaved

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    I am with Kingston Communications which is unique to Hull....She said an engineer would not have to be in my house unless there was a problem at the exchange...

    BT will now provide for all provisions whether any internal or external work is required. This is down to Openreach charging BT for the provision. BT then pass it on to the end user. Your other options are gettingit split into 4 installments and added to your 1/4ly bill or looking at another provider ie Talk Talk who may do your provide for free.

    Your moving out of Hull then?
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