BT emails swapped from bt yahoo to bt internet - pop3 settings on ipad?

Found 20th Sep 2014
Has anybody managed to get btinternet emails working with ipad? I previously had it setup with 'BT Yahoo' but now BT have stopped this and have gone solo so I am able to add as a 'new account' but its a 'IMAP' account and not a 'pop3' account - is this possible? and how have you managed this?
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You can still use pop3, send and receive server both are mail.btinternet.com
Thanks Argoj - the only way I can get it to give me the pop3 option is if I don't complete the email address i.e i miss off the 'm' off '.com' - then i get to choose. If I input all correct settings it automatically chooses IMAP - do I then have to change the send / receive settings to change it to pop3?
Sorry but I know absolutely nothing about IPAD's. Found the below hope it helps you.

Setting up on Apple (iPhone and iPad)
From your home screen, tap on the Settings icon
From the 'Settings' menu, scroll down then tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars
Tap on Add Account…
Scroll down and tap on Other
Click Add Mail Account
In the relevant boxes, fill in your BT email address and password, then click Next
Your iPhone/iPad will then confirm it's looking up your email. When it's completed a number of checks, it'll return you to the 'Settings' page confirming your account is configured
Press the Home button then tap the Mail app to download your email
If you're able to receive email but get an error message when trying to send a mail (username and password not recognised) please check the correct settings have been automatically set for the outbound server. To do this:
Go to Settings
Tap Mail, Contacts and Calendars
Tap on your Account - ‘xxxxx@btinternet.com’
Again, tap on your account - ‘xxxxx@btinternet.com’
Scroll down and tap on SMTP
Tap on Primary Server
Check mail server address is set to 'mail.btinternet.com'
Check Port number is set to '465'
Check SSL encryption is set to 'ON'
Changing email settings for the move to BT Mail
If you are having trouble setting up please try these tips:
Check auto-caps isn’t turned on when you enter the password as these are case sensitive
Check you haven’t left any spaces before or after your username or password
Confirm the server settings are being set correctly

This is the url for the instructions.


And to confirm the email server settings

Server: mail.btinternet.com
Port: 995 (this should be automatically populated if you tick SSL Encryption)
SSL Encryption: Enabled (but not STARTTLS)
Username: your email address including the @btinternet or @btopenworld.com part
Password: your btinternet password
POP from folder: By default, POP will pull emails from your Inbox

Edited by: "Argoj" 20th Sep 2014
thanks again. I have seen all this info you have added. The problem is as soon I input all the correct info..name/email address/server/description it automatically chooses IMAP - Why BT thinks I want IMAP!? I dont I want Pop3.!!

From what I can see the only way I can get it to give me the Pop3 option is to make the email address incorrect then I get to choose....
try setting it up with the ipad in airplane mode. should then let you choose pop or imap
good idea rg5935 that would probs do it...
Using Airplane mode definitely works - just keep clicking to day you're going ahead regardless and it will allow you to set up POP3 rather than IMAP
bit late to the party wirelessv - but thanks for confirming. hopefully will help if anyone else has a problem with this..
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