BT existing customers can be new customers again day after contract ends..

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i've linked (well it was before the thread was moved...but it easy found)the MSE deal because for me its the best because it doesn't rely on cashback paying out and you still get a fantastic price that works out to under £19 if you pay line rental saver and use the £100 cash back mastercard.towards rest of the costs. .. im sure you all know how it works..

not sure if this is common knowledge i certainly thought you had to wait a length of time in between leaving bt and been able to join as a new customer but apparently not..

Basically my BT contract runs out on 20th of sept.. today me and the retention team were talking and came to the conclusion the best thing i could do to get the contract i wanted for the next 12 months was to cancel my BT contract and become a new customer again.. retention team just couldn't offer me anything better you see..

So i did that around teatime and almost instantly i noticed ee and vodafone picked up i never had a line.. so i chanced trying to order the new bt contact early rather than on the 21st and right enough i've just been accepted as a new customer ..

The only thing is they then issue a new telephone number but i could ask to keep mine (we decided not to) because what this is classed as I can now see on my account is taking over the line. My BT shows i now have 2 account numbers now.. old one that still has my mobiles on it that still get the discount too and new one.. im sure i can merge them later... so if you can live with that and want a BT new customer deal.. this it seams is how to go about it...

my conection date is the day the old contract finished so in theory i should loose no connection and as i said it never affected my mobile sims i have with them..

also another bit handy of info is if you give 30 days notice or talk them into making it the day it ends if you are with in last 30 days and then decide to move to someone else not renew you can still uncancel and move easily along as normal too..

Hope this helps someone

ive only shown one example of how to make this work.. but as suggested below..

Do check with retention team when cancelling that you will not be charged for leaving after the end of the contract (I wasn't)

i also wasn't charged a reconnection fee using the mse link

Line Rental Saver£208.80
BT Broadband one-off charges£9.99One-off charges including activation, installation and delivery.

One-off total£218.79
Ongoing charges for this order
Line Rental Saver£-18.99Reduced line rental with Line Rental Saver

BT Call Protect£0.00
Broadband and Calls£49.99Yet to discover BT TV? See for a great TV service

Special offer discount£-22.00Your special offer discount lasts for 12 months

Total ongoing charges for this order£9.00

and £100 mastercard to claim too
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