Posted 7th Aug 2020
Hello all. I’ve recent upgraded to be fibre 900 (fttp) and right away was informed by the guy who installed it that I’d need a new router because the smart hub 2 that by give you will get nowhere near the 900mbps I’m paying for. I’m uk based and there’s roughly 20+ devices connected (not all in use at the same time but still there). These include smart TVs, iPads etc. I’m more of a gamer myself with my gaming pc so I’d love to maximise the speed I get via Ethernet but I’ve been really torn about what router to get as there’s so many on the market and I don’t know much about this kind of thing at all! I’ve been looking at the net gear nighthawk r8000 ac3200 (…1_1?dchild=1&keywords=nighthawk+r8000&qid=1596802416&sprefix=nighthawk+r800&sr=8-1) but I’m hearing so many mixed reviews! Could anyone help with my situation please
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