BT Fibre - Awful WiFi (router suggestions)

Posted 24th Dec 2021
So I have BT Fibre 900mb and if you're connected via ethernet direct to the hub, get the full speed.. Great! The issue however is with WiFi.

Yesterday for example I was in the room next to the router and I was only getting speed of 30mbps. This seems to be a common problem in any room I'm in where the WiFi speed is poor.

I have 3 Nova Tenda mw6 units and have them dotted around the house. Even with these the speed seems hit and miss over WiFi. Note. Router is not in bridge mode.

My question really is, how do I maximise the speed around my house

Do I need a new router?
Do I need more Nova units round my house and connect via ethernet?
Do I need better ethernet cables for when connecting direct to Nova units?
Do I need to change Config?

Any advice is greatly appreciated as right now it seems pointless paying for 900mbps when I only get 30mbpa wirelessly.
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get a set of better wifi extnders try change the wifi channel
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    Have you checked if channel has any other traffic on it.

    It can make a huge difference, standard routers are usually set up around channel 4 and 90% of folks don't change it so you end up loosing signal etc.
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    It could be the tendas. Reading about them the “theoretical max” speed is just under 900mbps on 5ghz and 300 on 2.4ghz. Assuming theoretical is actually more than you’ll get in practice. Doesn’t explain why you’re only getting 30mbps though.

    I’ve got the bt whole home Wi-Fi and I get my Ethernet speed over Wi-Fi everywhere in the house. I have had to buy quite a few though as I’ve got really thick walls. Maybe try buying another couple of tendas from Amazon and see what happens. If no improvement you can send them back and look at upgrading your mesh system. Sell the mw6 on eBay or something
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    BT actually has one of the better routers within the "cheap service provider router" set. Try changing channels to 1 or 11.
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    Are you using both your router and your Nova as wifi points? If so I would start by putting the router in bridge mode, you should be using your Nova’s for wifi.
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    if its possible to wire up the Nova's then you will definitely see a noticeable increase in speed.
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    Bear in mind that wi-fi speed depends on the hardware on both ends of the connection, so if you're testing on a 2.4Ghz-only decade old budget laptop then you're never going to see anything close to 900Mbps.

    Although 30Mbps is a little low, was that a typo for 300Mbps?
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    I had a similar problem with the new hub 2, you can change the mode. It’s set at 1 but has 3 to choose from, mode 2 works the best for me and I get a solid connect now. Might be worth looking at your configuration before deciding on buying a new router, especially if your previous router worked fine.
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    I have the same problem with 900mb my phone "Samsung a51 gets about 40mb next to the hub.
    Xbox one series x got about 200mb before I wired it. Now getting around 880mb.
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    Whenever I try to put the BT Router in to Bridge mode it completely kills the internet even if the Nova's are connected

    As it stands I have turned WiFi off on my BT router, connected the Nova directly to the router, sat in the room above the nova unit/router and my speed is currently 40mbps on a Lenovo Legion 5 Pro.

    BT are in the process of sending me a WiFi disk to try but I'm really at the end of my tether. Don't see why I'm paying for 900mb broadband when realistically I'm only getting 50-100 over WiFi
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