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Posted 13th Jan
On attempting to renew my BT Fibre Broadband contract online this morning, I received a message saying my selected deal was not available to existing customers, and the page then proceeded to show me a list of over 1,000 different offers which were available. I can only assume this was every offer currently available to existing BT Fibre customers!

I've uploaded the details from the page as an Excel spreadsheet here:…3Yh

There is one anomoly where a 74Mbps deal appears to be getting offered to some customers for free....!!

However to summarise the best offers I can see:
50Mbps - £19.99 per month
50Mbps with Complete Wi-Fi - £28.99 per month
74Mbps - £23.99 per month
74Mbps with Halo 1 - Potentially £0.00?!
74Mbps with Halo 2 - £34.99
74Mbps with Halo 2 and Complete Wi-Fi - £39.49

Below deals only available to FTTP customers I believe:

150Mbps with Halo 1 and Complete Wi-Fi - £34.99
150Mbps with Halo 2 - £26.49
150Mbps with Halo 2 and Complete Wi-Fi - £37.99
300Mbps with Halo 1 - £34.99
300Mbps with Halo 2 and Complete Wi-Fi - £38.49

So if you're due to renew, or already out of contract, it's probably worth giving BT a ring and using this information to bag yourself the best deal!
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I recently got £21.99 all in for Superfast Fibre Unlimited (Used to be Infinity 2) so worth trying to negotiate down to that price.
My best offer is what I have now, at the same price, but with the contract extended 24 months. I think this is because my contract has another 4 months to go. I should check closer to the contract expiry to see if things change.
Many thanks.

Great find
Shame you can't sign up for the £0/pm contract online.
Worth giving the steps I followed a try to see if it appears - however wouldn't surprise me if it was a bug which caused me to get that full listing.

1. Head to:…ls/

2. Click 'Check Availability' and enter postcode.

3. Confirm address from the list provided

4. Click 'Add and continue' on one of the deals

5. Continue through the process until you click 'Checkout'

6. It shows a page asking you if you have a landline with BT and to enter your phone number, postcode and confirm you're the account holder

7. Click 'Continue'

8. This then appears to do a 'Customer Identification' check which looks like the below. It's after this that I got the list of offers.

Did you phone to cancel with bt or just changed and they then offer a better recontract?
Neither - this was all while trying to select a new deal online.
Any deals with BT sports?
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