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Hi, Just contacted BT to see what my new monthly charges would be after 12 month contract was up, said £48 with 52mb fibre to the home and line rental, told them I would be leaving and they then offered it at £31.99 which I think includes weekend calls. Is that as good as an offer I am likely to get?, I'm stuck with BT as it is fibre to the home and not to the cabinet, I'm happy anyway to stay with BT, just want to know if that is a good offer.
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It is a very good offer for an existing customer.
It's £3 cheaper than a new customer deal online, all BT broadband includes free weekend calls.
What number did you ring BT on to discuss this please?
daveandvera13 m ago

What number did you ring BT on to discuss this please?

0800 800 150 for retentions or use the live chat.
The OP lives in a FTTP area so it's a different team to FTTC accounts.
I got a deal a few months back as I wasn't wanting to pay full price for infinity 1 and they offered £31.49 so I took that.
Infinity 2 and weekend calls (never used the home phone) £33.49
Opted for a new hub and instead of paying £70 they offered me infinity 2 with new hub
18 month contract £35.49
So hub works out at £36
Last December I rang up about my own renewal, previously was on Infinity 2, anytime calls (not just weekends), caller display,1571, line rental and they offered myself to stay at my same price but for an extra £5 BT Ultra Youview box and the full telly package which then came in at £40 (no upfront costs nor P&P for the box) they also sent me the latest BT router which is still laying in the box lol. I'm FTTC though and get 76-78 Mbps down and 18-19 up.
What about virgin media don't they do fibre to the house?
richje10026 m ago

What about virgin media don't they do fibre to the house?

No, despite what their recent adverts imply.
I've just renewed today for 18 months, have had BT for a year and been happy with them after a fairly awful time spent with talk talk . I am paying my line retail upfront for 12 months , normally £18.99 , but that way I get a month free, 12 months free caller display, paying £8.99 for anytime calls as that works for me, but totally optional ,with 52mb at £12.50 a month. If that helps , couldn't knock him down any more than that.
They did say that my speeds would also increase by 20% as they are doing something extra, but 52mb is fine anyway so that didn't really effect my choice
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