BT have started to charge for sending out paper bills?

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Found 12th Aug 2016
£1.90 per bill. Getting billed for bills ffs

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Are you sure this is a new thing? They charged when I was a customer nearly 10 years ago.

yep. so do virgin and most of the others. annoying i know

what really, really annoys me is the fact Virgin use the excuse of doing it to be "environmentally friendly" - they dont seem to mind posting mountains of junk mail through the letterbox that goes straight into the bin [email protected]
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They used to only charge Broadband customers, the idea being that if you have internet access then you can easily manage your bills online.
Have they now started charging people with just a phoneline then? If so, thats not on.

They don't charge BT Basic customers for paper bills.

Can it really cost £1.90 to send out a paper bill? Problem with being all online is when someone asks for an original utility bill for ID purposes. Not to mention jobs at risk in mail companies.
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