BT help.

    Mother has just got the phone/broadband bill in and its £186!

    I've told her that part of it is an advanced payment to October, but the stuff we have already used is quite alarming, the phone bill is at £49, but the thing thats really annoyed me is the broadband usage charges, 26gb at £26. Nobody in the house downloads anything so I can't understand why the usage is just so damn high, are they taking the urine or is there something going on that I can reduce the usage?

    I play quite alot of MW2 at nighttime on the Xbox but surely that can't be affecting the bill?


    Things like Youtube and watching stuff online crank it up!

    Or your neighbours could be using your Router as well lol

    If you are using a wireless router someone may be "piggy backing" on it to download stuff.

    Set some security on the router (WPA if possible) and change the router password.

    streaming and playing games online are pretty horrendous at gobbling up your GB limit.Each Bt exchange has a different limit.My local one is at 75gb give the FUP unit a ring if you have any problems

    cant she get an al inclusive package? i pay about £50 with virgin fo phone tv and broadband all in and thats calls too day and night. I only pay fo 0870s etc-but use say no to 0870...

    you been calling any of those phone numbers at the back of magazines?

    26gb for a house full of people, seems very possible. You probably do download that much, considering you dont even realise going on Xboxlive is using up your allowance.

    Change provider to one which doesnt cap. o2 is the best if you have LLU activated in your area (especilly if you signup through quidco, you basically get it for £1-£5 a month depending on which package you want) but if not.. probably virgin.

    For the phonebill look into other providers or even for BT, some allow for 'addons' such as unlimited phone calls on evenings/weekends etc.

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    I've got Sky in my bedroom and I pay for that, could I not upgrade to this broadband package I keep seeing on TV? Or is it pretty much the same as BT?

    Depends on our exchange being unbundled for moving to sky, if it's not you could stay with the service your on (in theory) and just change who you pay your bill too (ie sky). Look at Samknows to look which ADSL2+ providers are available to you. I couldn't rate o2 higher, I've shifted 50GB in 7 days, never had any grief with them.

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    Just wondering if anyone knows what would be best for me atm.

    We have decided to come off BT and cut the landline altogether as we use mobiles all the time anyways, however, we need the internet. Line rental seems to be £11 a month with the monthly broadband bill aswell - does anyone know of a cheap broadband (but decent) with free line rental on a broadband only package?

    If you can get Sky BB Unlimited in your area, £11 line Rental, free evening and weekend calls and £7.50 unlimited broadband, or if you have an o2 mobile, check out o2's offering
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