Bt Home hub 5

    Hi, Was just wondering if anyone has this Hub! We used to have the Hub 3 and just signed a new contract and got the Hub 5 which I was promised would solve all our wireless problems dropping out.
    Its actually worse than before, I'm currently typing in the room directly below the Hub and I'm connected to the Bt Wi Fi hotspot rather than my own Hub!!!
    Tv is always dropping out and I have been told by BT that my house is obviously to big, but even the bedroom next door to the Hub only gets one bar of WI FI. Wired connection works fine and I'm getting speeds of 38mbs on that.
    Is there something else I can do,its annoying I've done checks on other providers and Bt comes out the best.


    You may want to look at your wireless settings, i found that disabling 802.11n helped me, even lowering the speed might help. try that

    I had the exact same issue with my Hub3.
    The issue lied with the "Smart Wireless" feature.
    As soon as I disabled this feature and manually chose a wireless channel, my issue was solved.

    Maybe this may work for you.

    If you do not know how to do this, let me know and i'll provide a tutorial.
    Just ensure that the option "Automatic (Smart Wireless)" (may be different on your Hub) is not selected.…550

    Let me know how you get on

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    I have it and the range is pretty terrible, had sky before and got signal strong all over house, now I've got BT homehub5 I can't get signal in kitchen. I've only got a small 2 bedroom house so shouldn't be a problem. luckily I don't really need it in kitchen
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