BT Home Hub 6 Wifi Connection Issues

Posted 3rd Mar 2020
Cut long story short,

I upgraded from home hub 5 to 6 and have since been experiencing wifi signal drop outs with all my devices, not just the one. It contentiously drops with my iPhone, IPad and Surface Laptop so it definitely is not a device issue.

I have forgotten network and re-entered my security key, i have restarted the router numerous times and it is absolutely driving me up the wall...

I have had to resort to using my phone on 4G and even that is not holding up signal for some odd reason (o2).

I have split the network on the router so one is 2.4GHZ and the other is 5 (forgive me if i have got the ghz wrong) and that still does not change anything (i did not have to do this with home hub 5)

Can anyone tell me if you have experienced the same issue?
If you know of this and have bought a new router please suggest one to me (and if its an easy set up)?Thank you
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