BT Home hub - help please!!

    Hey Guys,
    Not sure if anyone can help me....I have a BT Home Hub only about a year old, but the blimin dogs have chewed through the wires at the back.
    It is a grey wire with a very small connector on one end that goes into the Hub and the other end goes into the ASDL box in the phone line.
    Can you get these wires anywhere? PC World was useless and gave me the wrong one and according to Currys you can't get these anywhere as BT have made them different to the usual connectors.
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks xx


    Maplins is often a decent bet for this sort of thing. If you have no luck, I've just got a new Homehub and i think i've still got all the wires for the previous one somewhere. I'd gladly send it to you don't manage to find one!

    i have a few spare hubs as BT kept sending me them for some reason... if you're local to birmingham you can have one...

    you not got an old ADSL modem you can take the wire from? Tesco probably sell them, RJ11 to RJ11 is its correct name
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