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    Is there anyone who's installed lede on home hub and can help? Basically stuck on the VR9 prompt and can't seem to tftpd the install image.


    I haven't done this but had a read around the guides. The note I saw says that the HH5a boot loader will expect the tftp server to sit on, not 1.2. I have to say well done for soldering a serial connection to the HH, that's way above my ability!

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    Yup, I have read that too. But setting the laptop to .10 still came up with 0 link.

    Soldering was ok. Lost my flux pen so could have been easier!

    I may have to look at another hub. And try to rectify this one later as my scripting knowledge is very low.

    Anyone have a type a home hub 5 to sell cheap?

    Very impressive you got that far. I'm a bit rusty but I'm assuming that the HH comes up on when you need to tftp the image. can your laptop ping it, if it has ICMP enabled? I have a HH5a but need it as a spare because the HH6 is so flaky, sorry!

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    Thanks Uri.

    I have just bought a home hub 5. I'm going to try again from scratch and see if I can do it.

    Will let you know. Maybe even offer to do your hub foc if it does work!

    Keep us posted! Very kind offer too. Good luck!
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    Got it updated!

    Tried plugging in my laptop to my sky hub to test my RJ45 lead, and guess what.. that was the issue.

    Managed to start again on the original hub. Everything went well and I now have 2 hubs, one with lede.

    Now I just need to figure out settings for Sky ADSL...

    Kudos for perseverance
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