BT Home wifi and USB Print Server

Posted 29th Nov 2021
So i have just gone ahead and purchased the BT home wifi.
BT Home Wifi

Before i go through the much aggro of unpacking and setting it all up i just need to know if this indeed will work with my MFC7320 Brother USB printer?

Currently i have 4 gadgets connected to my Netgear R7800 wifi router, the main computer with USB and the rest via wifi.

As long as the main computer is on i can print from any other gadget from anywhere in the house (all i had to do was install a netgear USB print software on each device).

My Netgear Router is nearly 5 years old? surely a much newer device like the BT home wifi has the same features?

Can anyone confirm the BT home wifi has such features and how to do this?
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