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    hi all have the email today about the bt price increase. i want to know do i need to let bt know im leaving or can i just swap to another provider? heard if you cancel within 30 days u get no charges. can anyone confirm please thanks


    Strange. Not had mine yet.

    for contract changes i thought they had to send a letter to your door and not an email. but yes if they change the price you have 30days to cancel your contract without any fees.

    I would think you would have to contact them to tell them why you are leaving them. as if you just done a change of provider they might not know it was linked to the change in price.

    about a week ago i was £75 a month for Fibre, Line and Mobile. it is now £40 a month for 2 years. (mobile is £16 a month (20GB, Unlimited txt and call and 2x the internet speed,(did not renew my contract so can be cancelled when ever)) after i call them to cancel my contract

    might phone them up and say to them about the price increase to see if i get any other offer. have to say i new about the price increase coming at the time i did say this on the phone and they said no this is what you will pay on your contract.

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    They will try to keep you by offering a discount if you stay. Just had my BB reduced to £7 a month for 2 years...

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    I'm on the best deal, I started a new contract with them in December. Infinity 2 for £18.50 a month for 2 years. When I phoned to complain about the price increase. The offer now is £22.50 with their new hub (free) if I started a new contract again. Well there is nothing wrong with the hub I have now why would I want to pay extra just to get a new hub which in theory you're actually paying for, and signing up to a new contract for another 2 years.

    You have to contact them or you'll be charged if you just switched, you should have a bespoke deal included with the notification email/letter as well.

    You have to give them 30 days notice to flat out cancel, or 14 days if you are switching to another provider, do phone up and ask for a deal, I went from BT Infinity 1 to 2 for 25p ontop of my current price and it won't go up in April.

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