bt infinity 1 installed but slow ?

Found 14th Mar 2017
Installed today,but its slow as been testing today and getting only 24mb at top end.Before swapping to bt, i was getting 51mb on plusnet ,is it just a case of the line settling
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BT do say it takes a couple of days for them to monitor and increase speed, so wait and see.
However, my experience was that when I switched from Sky my speed dropped and stayed lower. I have continually had dropping of service with BT (multiple times each day) and now my 12 months is finally up I am switching. Hopefully that won't be the case for you, some say they get a great service with BT. Mine was stuck on 9, so count your blessings!
Definitely gets faster after a few days.
Your Speed should not change dramatically as your still the same distance from your local green box
Good to hear the feedback ,hope the speed gets better.Will report back on here.
Big thanks
Yeah, I hope it gets better because trying to explain on the phone to their Indian call centres that you used to get a faster connection will leave you ripping your hair out. "Can you turn off all your connected devices so that I can test your line?, Can you do more totally unrelated tasks that won't change the fact the problem is at our end?" They really are useless.
Never understood why people say it gets faster, unless there's serious DLM on your line from day one then it should just sync as fast as it can from day one.

Have never seen a line go this slow on day one then build up to 55mbps or so never ever seen it happen.

Thetes something very wrong if you've halved speed. Have you got the router setup properly, right annex, vlan etc?
I know BT say to leave it connected for a while to settle, so I guess there would be no point phoning before that period has finished. We switched over to them recently, and the speed was up to the maximum we had expected straight away. We moved from talk talk, and are loving BT at the moment as we have had near perfect connection , rather than talk talk dropping on us continually .
Are you testing on a wired connection or wireless?

Can you see the router stats - should show the actual link speed to the exchange.
In my experience they usually start at full speed and slowly reduce until the line is stable. Where are you reading the 24mb from? We upgraded our BT line from 40mb to 80mb but after weeks of complaining that the download speed hadnt changed they admitted we're juts in a very busy area with high contention. If you're unhappy with the speed then register a complaint now whilst you're still in the cooling off period and can cancel the contract. If it's half the speed of an alternative provider then go back to them.
Actually - what type of connection were you on with plusnet? Have you just dropped from 'up to 80' to 'up to 40'?

BT own plusnet remember so I can't see why you would suddenly get 1/2 speed unless you've changed the connection level.
another thing it may be is the channel you are on ,if you have neighbors on the same line using bt they may be on the same channel and this will slow the speed go in to setting and change the channel it is on and see if that worksm Bt routers all come with bog standard setting
how do you all measure the line speed? using
broadband speed checker

how do you all measure the line speed? using

My router gives me a sync speed to the exchange.
At work today I seen a openreach van and went over to pick his brains,he told me it would be my router or a faulty port on their side,very helpfull.So on his advice I reset my router,pin placed in back of router for 1 minute and only changed a few settings.Re-booted and all is fine now 50.52mb download and upload 9.22mb.
Tested .
Massive thanks to all for time and advice,much appreciated
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