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Found 13th Apr
Upgraded to Infinity 2 - No Speed Difference?Last year, I was with BT on Infinity 1 and I had the free speed boost. This meant I was getting around 75mbps pretty much all the time.

I then made the mistake of going to Sky in December... I came back to BT in Feb this year on Infinity 1, which I solidly get 52mbps downloads.

Yesterday, I decided to upgrade to Infinity 2. Today the order is complete, but only my upload speed has really changed - it's doubled. My download speed is a little faster at about 54mbps.

Why is it only 2mbps faster when last year I could get 75mbps? I contacted BT and they said I should wait for the line to settle, which I don't believe to be true. The upload speed doubled straight away, but not the download speed.

Any ideas? Here's my line stats, and I have already tried a restart of the hub with no change -

Downstream sync speed:58.75 Mbps

Upstream sync speed:20.00 Mbps

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Have a walk around ur street and scan WiFi see how many people have BT as might be the box is very busy.. alternative might need something switched at the box but that’s an open reach appointment in other words call them and ask them to check??
I know when i got my free upgrade from Infinity 1 to Infinity 2 my speed did not change that much as they said the min i should get was 53MB and max speed of 75MB (it is like they kept my min speed from infinity 1). but if I was to buy Infinity 2 from there site it says min 72mb, so i spent around an hour on the phone before they changed my profile to get the faster speeds.

how did you test the speed was in on a LAN cable or WIFI when doing the speed test?
Did you do the BT speed test that check the speed to your router and to your PC/MAC/Phone. E.G your router may be getting 75MB connection but the wifi may be poor giving you bad connection speed.

As i had the same issue on the BT home hub 5. the router was getting 64mb connection and my mac on WIFI was getting 54mb. when i changed over to my gaming router was getting the fulll 75MB connection and on my mac on WIFI was getting 74/5MB (there exchange is at the bottom of my garden).
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I would call them and ask them what the the minimum speed you should be getting.
go online and go thought placing a new order to see what the minimum speed says you should get on Infinity 2
if you find online showing a higher minimum speed it may be they have not updated your profile to show the new minium speed.
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