Found 21st Mar 2007
Anyone know if BT do any discount on new line installs? I'm cancelling cable so need to get a line installed for ADSL

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What do you mean by a new line? Has the address your at had previous BT service, if so it'll be a re-connection. If your house has never had BT service you'll get stung for a full install charge of around 120-160 quid not sure of the exact amount. If the address has had previous service (even if it wasn't you) it should be free.

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It's a new install not a reconnection unfortunately

You try another Provider, such as talk talk, bulldog, home call and ask them how much a new install is. Not sure if they do them thou. Nothing to lose by trying. As I said in another thread, you don't have to pay the install cost in 1 it can be split to pay quarterly or monthly over the year.

BT is £125 for a new line. They tried to fleece me for it last week when I phoned up. The points are there but the previous owners of my new house never bothered to have it connected.

I'm facing a life without the internet at home I'm afraid!

When I moved house about 7 years ago, I had the same trouble, but they had a deal that if you signed up with BT together, you got it for half price. Worth enquiring.
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