Bt Mobile Broadband USB Modem

    Hi - i was just wondering - I got another bt dongle when I renewed my contract with BT - however we only need one - Could i sell the dongle along with the Sim Card that came with it - It has not been registered ?


    You can sell the dongle but i wouldnt sell the sim card as BT Mobile will have it registered to you so any issues etc or over usage will come back on you as it is part of the overall new contract you signed with the broadband, hence live on BT systems

    From memory they have been sold on here a couple of times previously.....i would check that you don't get charged if they go over the 1gb a month usage though....i got one with my contract but only use it rarely so not sure if there are charges or it just stops working after 1gb is up

    Think they went for about £60
    Edited by: "boothy" 2nd Jan 2010
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