BT or Virgin Media Broadband

hi I'm thinking of switching from virgin media to bt are they any good and which provider is more reliable out of the 2?


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Depending on your area and what BT can offer you.
My personal choice for the broadband would be Virgin media, they have a lot faster speeds and in 10 years only had 2 issues they fixed fast. + Virgin give you free speed boosts like form 50Mbs to 100Mbs when they upgrade there network and 300Mbs is just around the corner.

I'm sure the phone packages would be just as good quality as each other and as for the TV depends what you want to watch.

I have all services through virgin Media and suits me, Shame im moving home to a none virgin area in the new year so then ill have to seek an alternative ADSL

Definitely Virgin! My mum has BT and it's rubbish! I've been with Virgin since the days of NTL and never had an issue with their broadband

Depends on how much your house hold uses and if BT can offer you that speed. If you have a big family, Virgin is best. But if you have a small family and not much devices that will be using the broadband go with BT or if it's just you even sky. I can only use Virgin broadband because I have 2 laptops 5 phones and PlayStation's connected to the broadband at one time. If your situation is the same stick with Virgin.

We moved to a new home last year which is BT fibre only, it is fine, but we got more bang per buck on virgin in our previous home

BT fibre has been spot on for me, can usually get a decent bundle deal too!

Speak to your neighbours as I think it depends on area. Virgin was awful for me the Internet was so slow and a poor signal. Changed to BT and had no problems at all

I have had virgin in three seperate homes and it's been absolutely awful in all 3. BT has never let me down, however, I only had this in 1 of the times. It's very much based on location.

I've just switched to BT infinity 2 from Virgin, in the past few months the Virgin connection was dire, often no Internet for days at a time, despite years of perfect service,

Also a big factor for me is upload speed with Virgin I was getting 75 down 4-5 up, with BT I get 55 down but 18 up which is so much better for uploading data obviously,

I'm a week in and touch wood all seems great, hopefully long may it continue

I came from virgin 150Mb to Bt infinity 2 when moving house.

Virgin speedtest were (1 year ago) around 130-145Mbps down, 5Mbps up.

Bt im getting 60-65Mbps down, 16-18Mbps up.

My first impression was that BT felt quicker due to the faster upload speeds.

It also suited me better having a decent upload speed for remote accessing cctv and NAS.

I sometimes miss the extra speed when downloading large files but id say BT has a better balance of upload/download and id be reluctant to move back.

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BT suffered evening slow downs and disconnects for me that I never got with sky but is faster when it works.

at work so cant check this, but it used to allow you to see the results in your area…st/


at work so cant check this, but it used to allow you to see the results … at work so cant check this, but it used to allow you to see the results in your area

This doesn't always work so good. I checked before I went with BT and the figure was mid 60s, after I got BT, and then checked and updated it 40mb/s. Not the best but as soon as I get virgin I'm dumping the bunch of thieves.

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