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BT phone line problem! Cant phone out or in but internet still working on and off...any theories before I ring them?

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Posted 24th Nov 2009
I have until yesterday had no problem with my phone line. But yesterday my internet was going on and off all the time and the lights on my modem were going from 4 lights to 2 then 3 etc. I thought I would try the phone first and found that I cant ring out and when i rang in on my mobile, it says 'welcome to BT 1571, the person you have called is on the phone, please leave a message'. But I am not on the phone. But it puzzles me because as you can see, I am able to access my Broadband internet intermitently. So any clues before I ring them as I dont want to be charged £60 callout if they come out and its my fault. I have tried plugging in a neighbours phone and ringing 1471, but the phone is dead, but works in her house. So why if there is a fault on the line, would I be able to access the internet? Any ideas? Thank you.
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