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    I have had letter from BT detailing the new price changes in April 2008. The letter lists some of the changes to the price plans. In the terms & conditions it states that evening call prices will change from 4.5p for 1 hour to 1.5p per minute plus a 6p connection fee. This increase means that a 1 hour call on Option 1 will increase from 4.5p to 96p.

    BT fail to mention this in the letter, you have to read the terms and conditions to find this information.

    If you are on option 1 and make a lot of evening calls then your bill will go up substantially


    Does this apply to people who have just taken out a brand new contract with them or is it only those who are with them, but ut of their initial contract? It's just I know someone who has just signed-up because of the cheap evening and weekend calls.

    cant trust BT.

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    I think it applies to all customers on the option 1 tariff (free weekends). If you are on option 2 or 3 then the increase will not affect you. BT should have made customers aware of the change in the letter and not in the small print. I have decided to change over to sky talk.
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