Bt price plan question

    I was looking at prices as may be moving house but found out that they only have unlimited weekend plan for free when I thought I was currently with evening and weekend.

    Dont want to get a bill with huge charges!


    I thought the deal was evening & weekend included if you sign a 12 month agreement? That's certainly the package I was on.

    However, I don't use a home phone on my line so I recently changed to weekend only to avoid committing to another 12 months.

    Think they are scrapping evening and weekends (for new customers) and moving off-peak in an attempt to move people onto the anytime plan

    Its not easy to find on website but if you ring you can get evening and weekend calls at no extra cost, if you go onto a 12 month auto renewal contract

    Found the page I used to get off the 12 month auto-renewal. Should give details of the plan you are looking to take onboard:…rms

    It's listed under: Unlimited UK Evening & Weekend calls at no extra cost – 12 month renewable contract deal

    I called them yesterday regarding this, because originally it was free evening and weekend calls.

    But for some reason they’ve changed it to free weekend. However they said I could have the free evening calls for free for a year but if I cancel before the year ends I will be charged for the remainder of time, but yet all I have to do is renew every time the year is out.

    I found something fishy about it so I didn’t bother. Why did they take it off in the first place? And why would they charge me for it if I cancel when it’s free???

    BT= con-artists!


    And why would they charge me for it if I cancel when it’s free???

    Basically if you cancel they will charge you £7.50 a month for each remaining month of the 12 month line rental contract you signed up to.
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