BT retention deal

    Managed to get my broadband option 3 and anytime calls for £13 instead on £24.99 and £4.99.

    Both were out of contract though, if you are in contract for your broadband you wont get this.

    BT Vision has also been reduced from £15/£18/£20 to a flat rate of £12.50 for the gold package, every customer can get that reduction straight away.

    Managed to get £5 off a month for the first 3 months on the vision so only paying £7.50.


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    Didn't even have to fight for the offer was offered to me straight away.

    Was paying
    Line rental £12.35
    Anytime calls £5.20
    Broadband option 3 £25.60
    Vision bronze £14.99
    Total £58.14

    Now paying
    Line rental £12.35
    Broadband option 3 and anytime £13
    Vision gold bronze £12.50
    Total £37.85 and £15 discount on the next bill for the vision offer.

    12 month contract extension.

    I asked for my MAC code and got Broadband option 3 for £9.99 a month(i was paying £23.50 a month for option 2)
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