Bt Smart Hub troubles

    My bt smart hub 6 used on plusnet is playing up tv box ,kodi wont find servers due to connection problem over ethernet but will when using it over wi fi .?
    This router has also had drop outs with other devices.
    Can this router be better setup in settings or best to buy different router.


    split the router 2.4ghz & 5ghz.... you'll be surprised... also could try changing the channel instead of leaving on automatic, for some reason I find 6 & 11 work really well here during the week and 7 all weekend!

    The HH is a POS, buy the TPLink one from the offer 2 days ago.

    Lots of decent ADSL/VDSL routers for under £50 right now, and all of them have better Wifi than the HH.

    Not really enough information as to what is causing the problem, odd that you are having an issue with ethernet only.

    Have you tried changing cables? Anything in the logs that suggests an issue? Is the problem constant or does it work sometimes and fail others?

    1 thing I can think of is "Smart setup" can send devices to a webpage on the hub before giving them network access, maybe try deleting this feature or plug a PC in first and see if that works.

    disable smart set up and do it bit by bit and change channels.

    Not sure if i've misunderstood but everybody else seems to be giving wifi advice. I read the OP as issue is only other ethernet?

    Original Poster

    Just a update the channels are split already,channel already changed to 11 ,mode changed aswell but cant remember to what,smart is off.seems to get worse as the day going on as in slower speeds,until reset and kodi wont load streams or if it does it will stop.

    disable smart setup in advanced settings. If u hav a pc check its connected in hub network diagram. Check the wifi devices are showing up

    Have you ruled out an issue with the AFTV Ethernet connection. Does it work fine with prime content or if no prime the likes of BBC iplayer?

    Have you tried using the hub provided by Plusnet ? maybe the smart hub is playing up, easy to rule it out, if the problem persists with the Plusnet hub then it could be a network fault.

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    I have done a few different settings .eg changed channels and only have 2.4 on now,changed mode.but i thing this could be down to a new firmware upgrade which was sent to my router on the 4/12/16.
    I will run it for a while and see if it gets any better.
    Thanks for the advice all
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