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    Hi all,

    So as an EE customer I recently took advantage of their 6 months free BT Sport deal, which is only viewable on a device with your EE sim card in.

    I've tried the Google cast thing which didn't work for me with the app.

    Has anyone had any joy with getting this from their phone or tablet to tv? I have a oneplus one if that helps, so any cheeky android apps to override the fact I'm trying to cast an app that isn't usually able to be cast!


    mhl cable should do the trick

    I use my iPad and AirPlay via Apple TV. No issues and great quality


    mhl cable should do the trick

    ​I don't think the OPO supports it

    Mine works with chromecast?

    Same problem here. Signed up thinking I could use chromecast. I think they have blocked chromecast so up you can only watch it on the device with the EE SIM card inside. If you have a 'Normal' BT contract chromecast works fine with the BT app.
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    Original Poster

    I will find a way!


    I will find a way!

    if you do, please post here. I am delaying signing up so can cover the last 6 months of the season.

    I've just called a BT security expert - my dad knows him through laying fibre broadband - long story. We are trying to see if there is away. I think the only way is using Apple TV? Does anyone know if you can still use chromecast with the BT app if you have a BT contract?
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    I have a similar dilemma. Got an EE iPhone, anyone know if the AV adapter will work?
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