BT Sport on EE Swappables

Posted 18th Jun
Just wondering those on an EE smart plan, have you been able to watch BT sport on a large screen when selecting BT sport as your swappable?
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I’m holding off to find this out also! It looks like you do
No you have to pay extra for the Casting
Correct you have to pay an additional fee to be able to cast/mirror ... from memory I think it’s about a tenner a month or there abouts. I couldn’t find any way to get it onto the big screen from the basic bt swappable offer
I've got a BT Mobile sim and my number ports to EE on Monday. Let's see what happens as currently I can't view anything on the big screen. Will have to call customer services to add the large screen add on
I have this app on EE as a swappable. You can cast to TV no problem. You can buy the extra app for TV that's £10 a month, that's what they charged me. I cancelled that right away as it wasn't worth it if your only using it to cast the games.

Edit: literally just checked this, now it seems you can't, you just get a black screen. Apologies as you could stream at one point.
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You can screen mirror the app on to your TV if you have an Android device, however the quality isn’t that great
I cast it to my tv with no problems at all via my chromecast
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