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Posted 11th Mar 2017
Hello everyone!

Firstly, I realise I can just phone BT but I thought I'd try on here first to see if anyone has tried the same as what I'm asking.

Basically, I want to subscribe to BT Sport but I will only be using the App to view it (I won't be using a Sky Box and I already have broadband with another company).
Has anyone got a BT Sport Subscription where you only pay to view it on the App and not have to fork out for broadband or TV?

Thank you.
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It's about 5 pounds per month for the basic BT sport package which your can access by web browser or the app. It works better in some browsers than others (can't remember which) but it does work.
you with EE by any chance?…ort

you with EE by any chance?

No, I'm with Vodafone mate.
2 months ago I bought BT broadband & phone & it advertised free sport on the app.

Now the app has disappeared
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