BT Sports Activation code offers to avoid the outrageous £30 connection fee?!

    I wanted to watch 3 matches that are coming up on BT Sports. Whether I do it online or over the phone the money grabbing BT folk want a £30 activation code (so £43.50 for a month of sport!) or I have to sign up for a year at £13.50 (£16.50 with HD). Does anyone know of any codes please or websites where I can pay to watch matches? Thanks


    now tv?

    Just watch on a dodgy free site.

    BT are just passing on the costs that Sky charge them for using their system, they'd lose money if you just subscribed for a month.

    Original Poster

    Thanks, Now TV don't seem to have BT Sports.

    Google streamhunter

    ask a friend if they get bt sports through their Internet and ask for the login details and watch it that way.
    i have bt sports and pass my login details to my family and friends to watch via stream
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