bt sports app... how many devices

Found 28th Dec 2015
Can anyone clarify something for me. Had a look online and it appears that, similar to SKYGO, i can have 2 BT sports apps on the go at once. But does BT have the same rule about changing devices that it can only be changed once per month. Thanks
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A valid BT Sport subscription and BT ID are needed to access the BT Sport app. Mobile network and wifi charges may apply. It is possible to install and access the app on as many devices as you like, but users are restricted to two concurrent video streams per BT ID.
From Google
Thanks for the reply however my question is about how often I can change the device
I havebit on 5 devices
You can put it on as many as you want I believe
But only 2 devices can watch at any time
you dont need to change the device. add the app and your user details to as many devices as u want. but you can only view any 2 at once
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