BT: The good and the bad

    Just got bt broadband installed and was a nightmare,

    1) ordered on Tuesday 12th for installation / activation on Wednesday 20th
    2) Got pack delivered on wednesday morning but line not activated but had acticated payment
    3) thursday bt can't work out why
    4) Friday, bt find out there is no line into property
    5) Engineer calls our place this morning and finds there is no line, and bt hadn't followed procedure of checking line before taking payment.
    6) Engineer books another engineer to come out next week to install line.
    7) At 4pm we get call from a bt supervisor and he said previous engineer was supposed to install the line and they were on way to do it.
    Supervisor turns up and works his knackers off to get line in before 6

    Basically the first engineer didn't want to do the work, it's been a right pain to get everything sorted but I am now online woooooooo!
    The supervisor was a real gem!


    are they charging you for the new line installation?

    Original Poster

    Nope, as it didn't need a whole new line, there was a problem with the line from the pole to the house (but previous engineer was sure there was no line :|). Even though the previous tenant had a bt phone line.

    I left BT cos they messed me about so much with my broadband followed by umpteen calls to an indian call centre then I lost it with them!!! When they are good, they are very good but when they are bad....god help the customer!! :x

    3 Cheers for the supervisor :thumbsup:

    BT are great, left them ages ago and get my phone and broadband from TalkTalk. Had an email of BT this month saying I had exceeded my 10gb monthly allowance and if I did it again they would start charging me. Rang their lovely overseas call centre and they checked and told me I wasn't with BT!!!!!!! If you get an email like this and you ARE with BT you should check up. If they can threaten to charge non-BT customers imagine what they can do to you.......

    To be fair I wouldn't of installed you a new line. Broadband tasks come with a 2hour time limit. It would of been an openreach engineer not BT, therefore the ball should of lied with BT to sort out another appointment for your line to be installed. Had you of been with any other service provider I doubt you'd of get this level of service. Level 1's/supervisors are normally lazy ****ers, it may of been a coach.

    I hate BT, they are the worst company I have ever had to deal with. Their cust service is appaling
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